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Recycled Asphalt Systems

(RAP) Recycle Systems

Equipment Description

Gencor® Recycle systems incorporate the heaviest construction in the industry with innovative design features that accommodate any plant configuration and unlimited process versatility to feed, crush, break, and screen virtually any type of recycled asphalt pavement.

All Gencor® Recycle feed bins are designed to eliminate material bridging, with steep-sided ¼” tapered walls, self-relieving throat and welded beater plates on the sides of the bins. With the rack and pinion gate design, material height can be easily adjusted to suit any feed rate. Variable speed drives assure steady consistent flow at varying production rates. All Gencor® recycle bins feature unitized heavy I-beam construction and are available in portable, stationary, or skid-mounted configurations.

Standard Features:

  • Self-relieving throat design
  • Steep-sided bin walls
  • 1/4″ steel sidewall construction
  • Dual no-flow sensors
  • Variable-Frequency or Eddy Current drive system
  • Lifetime lubricated idlers
  • Self-cleaning tail pulley
  • Tail shaft tachometers
  • Quick Disconnect wiring (optional)

(RAP) Recycle Systems

Equipment Configurations

Giraffe Recycle System

The Gencor® Giraffe RAP unit combines a bin and feeder, lump breaker, vibrating screen and scale conveyor into a single easily transportable unit. The Giraffe’s unique bin design eliminates material bridging, with steep-sided tapered walls, self-relieving throat and welded beater plates on the sides of the bins. The rack and pinion adjustments allow the bin gates to be easily raised or lowered to maintain the correct amount of RAP being fed for precise material flow. The Gencor® exclusive double-drum RAP lump breaker can easily reduce RAP material size without crushing the aggregate and is designed with a unique self-relieving tire and air bladder drive system. A long, folding, reversible bulkhead can accommodate any plant arrangement and provides for bin loading from either side for optimum versatility on varying job sites. All Gencor® Giraffes come completed with quick disconnect cabling, budd wheels and, two-speed landing gear to reduce the cost of setup and transport.


  • Self-relieving 8 x 14 steep-sided bin
  • 4 x 12 Inclined scalping screen
  • Precision Weigh Bridge ensures accurate material weighing
  • 18-ton struck capacity
  • Dual no-flow sensors
  • Variable speed or Eddy current drive
  • ¼: sidewall construction
  • Optional magnet

Recycle Crusher

Gencor’s® Recycle crushers are a hammermill type design built of welded 3/4 in. thick plate, and mounted on a skid designed to straddle the base of the conveyor for stationary or portable applications. The crusher has a wide opening and large motor to process and break down large sized asphalt chunks with ease. The crusher includes heavy-duty welded steel plate with removable cover and abrasion resistant steel liners. The crusher includes replaceable breaker plates made of Manganese steel. Each hammermill is equipped with an alloy steel shaft with spherical roller bearings, abrasive resistant steel hammer support discs and (16) cast carbide hammers.

The crusher top is hinged for easy access to mill interior using the manual hydraulic power unit to actuate the opening of crusher for servicing.

Lump Breaker

The Gencor® reclaim asphalt pavement (RAP) Lump Breaker is a ruggedly constructed, twin drum RAP processing machine for use in breaking RAP millings down for plant processing or stockpiling. The Gencor® Lump Breaker can easily reduce RAP material size without crushing the aggregate, and is designed with a unique self-relieving tire and air bladder drive system.

The counter-rotating drums are constructed of rugged mangalloy—manganese alloy bars—which break down and process the material as it is fed. The spacing between the drums is adjustable by adding or removing shims located between the stationary drum frame and the adjustable drum frame. Breaking pressure between the two drums is adjusted and controlled by the exclusive use of compressed air in air spring units. These units also provide the self-relieving feature that comes into action when tramp iron is contained in the feed material.

The lump breaker is equipped with a receiving hopper and grizzly. The grizzly directs the flow of material being fed into the lump breaker. The smaller RAP falls through the grizzly directly onto a belt conveyor and the larger RAP is directed down the chute into the RAP lump breaker.