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Drag Slat Conveyors

Drag Slat Conveyors

Equipment Description

Gencor drag slat conveyors are manufactured from two cold-cambered bridge I-beams making them the strongest conveyors in the world.

The Massive bridge-beam construction outweighs others by 30%, and provides incredible strength and greater mass over long spans.

This eliminates sagging, additional supports, and harmonic vibration.

Standard Features:

The floor and sidewalls are lined with Nihard replaceable castings for maximum wear life, and are guaranteed for three million tons. Marine plywood covers provide improved insulation value, and outlast conventional metal covers against rain and elements.

These covers are easily removed for access to the chain and slats.

1” replaceable Nihard wear liners extend 4” up the sidewall for maximum sidewall protection.

The exclusive Gencor hydraulic chain adjustment is a hand operated pump located at the top of the conveyor for quick and accurate chain tensioning.

Heavy-duty yet simple, spring-loaded hold-downs provide consistent and reliable self-adjusting slat height throughout the conveyor span. Wear guaranteed for 1 million tons, Gencor features 3/4” AR slats to handle maximum torque. For maximum power and pull, a beefy 5 7/16” head shaft drives the massive head sprocket.

Gencor’s exclusive 6” pitch “off-set” roller chain provides added strength and reduced wear on the rollers and pins, effectively lowering maintenance and replacement costs.

For ease and convenience, an exclusive self-contained pressurized clean-out system allows spray cleaning of the slat boot after shutdown.


Drag Slat Conveyors

Equipment Configurations

Transfer Conveyors

Gencor offers the most versatile and comprehensive line of transfer and rotary conveyors in the industry. With hundreds of applications to its credit, Gencor has confronted virtually every silo arrangement imaginable for both batch and continuous hot mix plants.

Constructed of the same heavy-duty components of Gencor’s large drag slats, each conveyor is constructed of dual backbone heavy-duty beams with replaceable liners for long life and durability under the most demanding conditions. All drive systems are oversized to ensure continuous flow of material with even the most viscous of polymer asphalts and SMA mixes. The ¾” AR slats are chain driven from the center for maximum torque, and are wear guaranteed for one million tons. An exclusive 4” pitch roller chain provides maximum strength for reduced wear on the rollers and pins.


  • Dual backbone heavy-duty beams
  • 4” pitch roller chain
  • ¾” AR slats
  • 1 million ton guarantee
  • 1” Nihard liners
  • Floating electric heat

Rotary Transfer Conveyors

Gencor’­s Rotary transfer conveyors are an economical and simplistic alternative to multiple incline conveyors. A rugged indexing transfer conveyor rides along a 180° circular track and is positioned over each silo by the plant controls. A 12-ton batcher acts as a surge for each silo to assure continuous and consistent even loading of the silos without segregation. Slide gates on each silo automatically close for continuous instantaneous change during operation.

Optional Top of Silo Blue Smoke Capture System

Gencor’s unique and effective volatile Capture System eliminates the potential for blue smoke escape from the silo batching process. Gencor’s unique and effective capture system permanently contains the smoke emissions created during the process and injects them into the burner combustion zone where they are used as fuel.


In the Gencor Top of Silo Emission Control System, the displaced gases created during loading are vented back, through negative pressure, to the top of the batcher where they then occupy the volume previously holding hot mix.

The blue smoke that is generated at the transfer points, batcher, and conveyors is drawn down into the main slat conveyor to a knock-out box and through a centrifugal fan. The gases collected from the slat are then directed to a port on the dryer close to the burner. The gases are pulled through the burner flame, totally converted to fuel, and then burned. This operation completely eliminates odors and visible emissions while creating valuable fuel savings.

The evacuation rate and balance of the mixer gases are controlled by a damper on the evacuation fan. The Gencor Top of Silo Blue Smoke Emission System consists of silo and batcher ductwork, a knock-out box with centrifugal fan, evacuation damper control and a discharge ductwork system, which feeds the combustion burner.