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Hy-Way Asphalt Storage Tanks

Asphalt Storage Tanks

Equipment Description

Hy-Way Heat has been designing and building asphalt storage and heating systems since 1947. Over the last 60 years Hy-Way has set the industry standard for liquid heating and storage with a focus on maintaining the highest thermal efficiency for all types of asphalts and polymers. All Hy-Way coil tanks are made from the highest quality materials and construction for maximum durability and heat retention. Hy-Way tanks are available in vertical, horizontal and portable configurations with capacities from 1,000 to 50,000 gallons.

Standard Features:

  • Large heat exchange coil surface
  • Serpentine and helical coil designs for adequate expansion and contraction
  • Four inches of high quality fiberglass insulation maintain optimum operating temperature
  • Safety suction system prevents the liquid level from dropping below the heating coil, yet allows complete emptying of the tank
  • Internal vent and overflow system to prevent overfilling and condensing vapors from collecting in the insulation during truck unloading

Asphalt Storage Tanks

Equipment Configurations

Vertical Tanks

Hy-Way™ vertical storage tanks are a space-saving alternative to conventional tanks and provide a higher efficiency alternative for polymer blend and emulsified liquids. Each tank comes equipped with a unique, twin helical spiral coil for maximum heat release into the product. In some special applications an optional electric low-watt density coil can be added for extra heat transfer.

Constructed of heavy quarter-inch plate, every Hy-Way™ vertical tank features a standard OSHA approved caged ladder and twenty-inch manhole access to the top of the tank. Diamond plate top deck construction surrounded by a safety railing with kick plate provide a sturdy access platform. A secondary access is located at the base of the tank and a cable level indicator is mounted externally along with an electronic temperature controller.

All tank controls and piping are completely accessible at grade and include 3″ inlet and outlet flanges and safety level cut-off switches.

Horizontal Tanks

Hy-Way™ Horizontal tanks feature a high-efficiency, close-wound, serpentine coil for increased oil circulation and better heat transfer. Quarter-inch butt-welded steel plate forms the rugged shell construction of the tank with four inches of fiberglass insulation on the shell to reduce conductive heat loss.

A series of integral saddles mounted on heavy twin twenty-five pound beams form the support frame which is easily set to grade or adaptable to concrete foundations. To ensure all-weather protection and durability, the Hy-Way™ coil tank is beautifully finished in a durable, scratch resistant, eighteen gauge embossed aluminum skin.

Portable Tanks

Hy-Way portable asphalt tanks are the most energy efficient tanks available for today’s liquid polymer storage requirements. All Hy-Way coil tanks are constructed from the highest quality materials for durability and years of rugged use transport.

Hy-Way portable tanks are available in capacities from 1,000 to 50,000 gallons and in a variety of configurations to accommodate any plant site.

Every Hy-Way portable tank features a high-efficiency, close-wound, serpentine coil for increased oil circulation and better heat transfer for even the most viscous materials. A quarter-inch butt-welded steel plate forms the rugged shell construction of the tank with four inches of fiberglass insulation to reduce conductive heat loss. A series of integral saddles mounted on heavy-twin I-beams forms the massive support structure which is easily set to grade with swing-down landing jacks. An all-weather, durable, scratch resistant, embossed aluminum skin provides years of protection from the elements.

Additive Tanks

For efficiency and convenience, the Hy-Way additive storage and metering system is an all-inclusive package. Each additive system is equipped with piping that runs from the tank to the pump and from the pump to a three-way valve manifold for efficient and timely delivery of liquid additives to the mixing process.

Every Hy-Way additive tank is insulated with four inches of insulation for maximum heat retention, covered in a durable all-weather aluminum skin and fitted with either an electric or thermal fluid heating coil. Both the electric and thermal fluid heating systems contain durable automatic temperature control for trouble-free operation and are available in 1,000 to 2,000 gallon capacities.

Calibration Tanks

The Hy-Way AC Calibration is a highly versatile weighing device engineered for ease of use to ensure optimum accuracy of any liquid asphalt metering system.

Each tank is mounted on three (3) 5,000 lb. load cells which in-turn are mounted on a rigid beam support platform for maximum accuracy. The platform scale includes a digital readout indicator that is graduated in 5lb. increments.

Each tank is insulated with four inches of high-efficiency firm fiberglass and is covered in a durable 18 gauge embossed aluminum skin for all-weather protection against the elements and to retain maximum thermal efficiency.

Features include two (2) test weight platforms that can be folded up when not in use, discharge ports, three-inch butterfly valve and SOW control cable. All Hy-Way AC Calibration tanks include a 20 inch top manway with a tank mounted aluminum ladder are available in skid-mounted or portable configurations.

UltraLevel Tank Level System

The UltraLevel™ tank gauge level system is an electronic digital display device that accurately displays the liquid levels in your storage tank at any given time.  It can be used with Vertical, Horizontal, and Portable tanks with minimal installation and programming.

The UltraLevel™ system comes with the following components:

  • Pressure Transducer
  • 3″ Plug Valve
  • 9″ x 30″ LED Display
  • Display Stand (holds up to 4 displays)
  • LED Panel Display for Unloading Pump Enclosure
  • All cables in enclosures required for UltraLevel System