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The Gencor G-Series Plant

G-Series Portable Plant

Equipment Description

The new Gencor G-Series is the latest innovation in small portable hot mix plants providing contractors with all the features of Gencor’s award-winning Ultraplant® in a smaller compact highly mobile plant that can be erected and operational virtually anywhere.  The G Series is a rugged designed plant built with all the same premium features you’ve come to expect from Gencor for years of dependable service.

G-Series Portable Plant

Equipment Configurations

G-Series Drum®

The heart of the G-Series® is built around the unique patented counterflow Ultradrum® technology.  The innovative Ultradrum® has been proven in 100’s of applications around the globe for producing high quality hot mix without degradation, cleanly, and efficiently.  The G-Series® Drum is available in 150, 200 U.S. Tons per hour of hot mix asphalt.

The Ultradrum flight design concept provides for the highest efficiency heat exchange between the aggregates and the combustion system making it the most efficient drum mixer in the industry.  Each flight section is designed for maximum wear life, low maintenance and results in even drum loading.

The isolated mixing section is located behind the burner so there is no chance of liquid asphalt coming in contact with the burner flame. This means there is no oxidation of the asphalt, no degradation of the mix, and no asphalt vapors entering the exhaust gas stream.

The Genco Astraflame® burner has a proven performance record in rotary dryer applications.  The Astraflame burner achieves complete, efficient combustion without the use of refractory heads or combustion chambers.  As a result, more of the BTU heating value of the available fuel is applied directly to the drying process without unnecessary heat loss making it one of the most efficient burner applied to rotary aggregate dryers.

Self-Erect Silos

The Gencor single piece self-erect silo is the industry’s fastest self-erecting silo and a true engineering marvel.  Gencor’s One-Piece SE Silo is the most highly portable Surge system in the world.  Available in 50 and 75 ton capacities, it self-erects in as little as ten minutes without a crane.  So simple, yet rugged enough in design to be moved into position after being fully erected.

Ultraflo Baghouse

The Ultraflo® Baghouse Filtration system is the ultimate alternative to pulse jet baghouses.  The most obvious feature is the compact, yet rugged modular design of the Ultrafl®, which allows greater cleaning efficiency with reduce size and weight for ease of transport and setup.  The Ultraflo® is provided standard, with full sidewall and top section insulation to maintain a consistent baghouse temperature avoiding condensation dew point levels while increasing of the filtration system.


Control Center

Gencor’s Control Center features an 8 ft. wide by 10 ft. long structural steel and wood design, electrical receptacles, LED fixtures, conveniently placed trays, all motors starters located on the equipment with Ethernet connections to all motor starter enclosures, main plant disconnect.  Equipped with adjustable ball coupler, a set of tandem axles and electric brakes for safe towing.  Included are three pipe mount jacks for stability during operation.

The Plant Control System, a totally integrated system that monitors all plant control functions.  An advanced PLC, through Ethernet motor, controls the plant operation and performs all necessary timing and calculations for the Blending Process.

The Gen V Burner Control is a fully Automatic Digital Control System designed to control the Start-up sequence.  Firing rate and safe operation of industrial burner and to control the plant draft.  To meet today’s ever-changing energy supply and fuel cost, the Burner Control can operate on a single fuel or by a combination of fuels.

Cold Feed System

Gencor’s portable cold feed systems are completely assembled with belting installed and factory adjusted.  The bins are complete with a tandem axle portability package consisting of a gooseneck with a fifth wheel plate, air lines, brake and turn signal light, mud flaps, axles, hubs, air brakes, disc wheels, s and tubeless tires on drop center rims.  Gencor’s feeders are driven by a direct drive system that assures precise speed control at varying production rates using a standard motor coupled with Variable Frequency drives.

Recycle Systems

All Gencor Recycle feed bins are designed to eliminate material bridging, with steep-sided 1/4″ tapered walls, self-relieving throat, and welded beater plates on the sides of the bins.  With the rack and pinion gate design, material height can be easily adjusted to suit any feed rate.  Dependable variable speed direct drives assure steady consistent flow at varying production rates.