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Mineral Additive Systems

Equipment Description

Gencor offers a full range of Mineral Additive Silos to accommodate any dust return or metering system; the perfect solution for storing and metering lime dust, fly ash, or mineral fillers to the hot mix product.

The heavy-duty steel construction of Gencor’s filler silos stands up to the rigors of continuous operation.

A specially designed weigh hopper ensures precise measuring of any required additive.

For plants requiring a lime additive mixture, Gencor can accommodate an optional pugmill mixer for pre-blending of aggregates.

Each additive system is sized per application to assure optimum mix design quality and to meet the tightest state and DOT specifications. Mineral silos are available in stationary, portable, and self-erecting configurations ranging from 200 to 900 bbl capacity for addition of fly ash, dust, lime, or other mineral additives to the asphalt product.

Minerals weighed, augered or pneumatically blown to the isolated mixer of the Ultradrum for precise metering of additives.