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H&B® Batch Plants

Batch Plants

Equipment Description

H&B® Batch Plants have earned their reputation over the last 100 years because of their massive construction and tower design built with the heaviest and sturdiest steel for long life and low maintenance. Modular tower sections supported by reinforced legs are constructed of the heaviest plate. In fact, our plants are usually twenty percent heavier than those of our competitors. H&B® Batch Plants also offer ease-of-use features including oversized access and inspection doors, and improved ladders, and handrails for safe access during tower maintenance.

Standard Features:

In addition to numerous innovative pneumatic and electrical features, H&B® Batch Plants are equipped with the heaviest mixer gear reducer in the industry. An independent exhaust purge system evacuates both the elevator and mixer, making it the most environmentally clean operating batch plant in the industry.


Batch Plants

Equipment Configurations

Hot Elevator Features:

  • Internal gravity take-up provides constant chain tension
  • Take-up assemblies feature Ni-hard bearings for longer life
  • Segmental sprocket features Ni-hard face wheel rim for easy maintenance without removing the chain
  • Shaft mounted reducer and V-belt drive allow easy belt replacement
  • Split pillow block spherical bearings on head shaft provide extended service
  • Steel, solid welded 5/16″ fabricated buckets result in longer life and easy maintenance

Screen Features:

  • Deister incline screens are provided as standard
  • Rollout or pivoting nose sections provide easy access to discharge chutes and screen cloths
  • Increased screening area provides greater efficiency and higher production

Hot Bin Features:

  • Replaceable liners on all wear surfaces
  • Unique external gate lever system operates free of dust and heat
  • Level indicators provide accurate readings in each bin
  • Built-in overflow/oversize chutes with holding bin are equipped with level indicators
  • Sampling trays are provided for each bin

Weigh Box Features:

  • Trunnion mounted air cylinder is equipped with Viton seals to withstand high temperatures
  • Limit switch prevents double batching and indicates gate position
  • Scale level arms with load cells provide accurate and instantaneous readings to control house

A.C. Bucket Features:

  • Unique rotational discharge valve allows even discharge into pugmill mixer
  • Large jacketed area maintains proper asphalt temperature at all times
  • Valve shoes feature spring-loaded seals, machined and fitted to create a positive seal to discharge valve
  • Safety overflow switch interlocked to A.C. pump prevents overflow and overfill
  • Load cells provide continuous, accurate readings
  • Three-way valve is jacketed for maximum heat retention

Pugmill Mixer

  • Mixer shell is hot-oil jacketed for heat retention
  • Features quenched and tempered alloy steel shafts
  • Alloy steel mixer arms are heat-treated and magnafluxed for highest quality
  • Double output gear reducers from gearbox provide balanced torque
  • Features adjustable Ni-hard mixing tips
  • Replaceable Ni-hard liners are found on all heavy wear surfaces
  • Split pillow block spherical bearing results in longer life and easier maintenance
  • Ni-hard lined mixer gates feature adjustable rails for positive seal and large diameter gate rollers for prolonged wear
  • Interlock limit switch ensures fool-proof gate position

Fugitive Dust System

  • Engineered to collect dust from all critical areas of the plant
  • Dust Handling fan, driven by TEFC motor
  • Venting provided for screen, hot bin, weigh box, and mixer
  • Dust returned to primary or baghouse

Convertible Ultraplant®

Gencor’s Convertible Ultraplant® process combines the best of both worlds – an H&B® batch tower coupled with an Ultraplant® continuous drum mix installation. The Convertible Ultraplant® utilizes the award-winning Ultradrum counterflow dryer with a clever feature allowing the aggregates to discharge just prior to AC injection to fill the batch plant hot bins. The plant can then convert back to a drum mix plant to charge the storage silos without interrupting the plant operation. In addition, the drum mix and batch plant processes can be operated simultaneously and, if necessary, the silos can be charged from either the batch or drum plant. The advantages of the Gencor’s Convertible Ultraplant® system are obvious: greater fuel efficiency, lower operating cost, the benefits of both a highly flexible batch plant business, and the efficiency and low maintenance of a continuous drum mix plant.