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Gencor Control Automation

Control Automation

Equipment Description

Gencor has been designing, building and servicing its own state-of-the-art control automation for over 50 years. Each of Gencor’s full line of process control systems have been specially designed to the application for maximum control, dependability, ease of operation and most of all accuracy. We can upgrade any existing process control or provide a complete plant control center including blending, loadout, PLC, and motor controls. No matter what the requirement, Gencor has a system specifically designed for your equipment application.


Control Automation

Equipment Configurations

Gen V Burner Control

The GenV™ Burner Control is a fully automatic digital control system designed to control the start-up sequence, firing rate, and safe operation of the burner and exhaust draft. The GenV™ controls burners designed to operate on a single fuel or multiple fuels. In single fuel mode, the GenV™ controls a burner utilizing fuel oil (No. 2 or waste oil), natural gas or liquid propane. In combined fuel
mode, it controls a burner using natural gas simultaneously with fuel oil or liquid propane.

The GenV™ can control a single drive motor on the burner (controlling all dampers and fuel valves via linkages), multiple actuators on dampers and fuel valves, or VFDs on the blower motors with actuators on the fuel valves.

Standard Features Include:

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Fuel to Air Characterization
  • Digital Mix Temperature Setpoint
  • Light-Off Position
  • Digital Setpoint
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Digital Flame Strength Display
  • Digital Exhaust Fan Damper Position Meter
  • Baghouse Inlet Temperature Limit (1)
  • Visual Message Display and Audible Alarm
  • Automatic Post Nozzle Purging
  • Digital Dragt Meter
  • First Out Logic
  • Multiple Signal Capabilities
  • Ultraviolet Flame Scanners

BC-300™ Blending Control

The BC-300 is the newest blending and process control offering enhanced user features previously available for older plants. Developed primarily for existing BC-250 users, the BC-300 offers plant Operators improved capabilities with modern automation, using existing MCC hardware and plant wiring.

Standard Features Include:

  • Two LCD high-resolution monitors
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Redundant hard drive
  • Laserjet printer
  • VPN firewall router for connection to networks
  • Up to 24 feed devices
  • Unlimited multi-point feeder calibrations for extreme accuracy
  • Dynamic software configuration allows easy on-site system configuration and adaptability to a specific hot mix plant operation

GEN 3D® Digital Burner Control

The GEN 3D® is a fully digital PLC based control that automatically manages start-up sequence, firing rate, and draft to provide smooth and accurate temperature adjustment, as well as the minimization of fuel surges and spikes in the process.

The control accuracy is increased by the “advanced temperature detection” (ATD) circuit that monitors stack temperature changes (due to moisture and feed rate changes) and automatically makes corrections to the firing rate.

A large graphical HMI interface displays the current burner function, status, and alarm conditions for the operator, including an exclusive self-diagnostic “first out logic” feature for limits, and ignition and purge cycles.

A standard built-in modem feature enables remote troubleshooting and diagnostics.

The GEN 3D® can be countertop or cabinet mounted, and the hinged front control panel allows easy access to the PLC and HMI for field access and troubleshooting.

Vector® Digital Burner Control

The Vector® digital burner control is a fully automatic digital control system that minimizes fuel usage and gas emissions while maximizing production capacity. It is designed to control the start-up sequence, firing rate, and safe operation of industrial burners. The Vector is the latest evolution in process automation that programs and controls the character of the plant draft and fuel over the entire spectrum of operating range for optimum fuel to air ratio.

The Vector meets approvals for UL/CUL, FM, and NFPA-86.

Features & Advantages:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI); 10″ LCD color display with touch-screen keys that control burner functions
  • Visual display and annunciation, indicates the current burner function, status, and alarm conditions via the HMI with audible alarm
  • Linkage-Less actuators improve performance using highly accurate and independent position control of air, oil, and gas valves
  • Digitally sets the physical minimum and maximum position for each servo for air and fuel
  • Air to fuel characterization optimizes air to fuel ratios by using up to 10 user programmable points to create air/fuel characterization sets
  • Stores up to five separate named air/fuel curves to be used with different mix designs and fuels
  • Feed forward maintains the product temperature through early detection of changes in production rate and recycle material percentage, allowing the burner control to quickly correct the firing rate as the production changes
  • Advance temperature detection, which provides early detection of moisture or load change, allowing the burner to correct the firing rate in order to maintain the product temperature
  • Digital exhaust fan damper position meter, which indicates the percentage of the damper opening or VFD speed

SL-400® Loadout Control

The Gencor SL-400® Silo Loadout System is an integrated processor that controls, monitors, and tracks all truck loading functions for the plant in a windows based environment. The PC based system uses a high-speed IBM compatible computer with a large capacity hard drive. A high-speed load cell digitizer is included to interface with each scale to provide a redundant display of the scale weight. An emergency silo gate close push-button is provided as an additional safety feature. All components are user-friendly.

Standard Features Include:

  • Indefinite storage of job, customer, product, and truck files
  • Automatic truck tare and G.V.W. to prevent overloading
  • Barcode printing
  • Daily reports are created for trucks, jobs, and customers
  • Graphically displayed silo inventory for each silo
  • File transmission via modem, network, CD, or floppy disk

Ultralogiks® Total Plant Control System

The Gencor Ultralogiks® Plant Control System is a totally integrated automation package that manages and monitors all plant control functions with a windows based environment and graphical user interface. The hardware is an advanced PLC control platform that performs all the plant operations, including both blending and loadout functions. The graphical user interface is PC based, using a high-speed IBM compatible computer with a large capacity hard drive. A backup computer and redundant hard drive assure complete security of the data and operating system in the event of a failure of the PC or the PLC.

The Gencor Ultralogiks® Plant Control System’s main operating screens display a logical presentation of operating data through the use of segregated screen sections. The upper section displays items at the point of liquid asphalt injection; the center section offers selectable views of Motors, Maintenance, or Event Log information as well as configuration settings and calibration screens. Detailed user screens for each equipment component are displayed by simply clicking on the equipment image.

Ultraplant® MCC: (Motor Control Center)

Gencor’s Ultraplant® control system utilizes a high-speed Allen Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and I/O for all plant functions, including equipment interlocking and interlock bypassing controls.

Each starter includes a customized remote control station located on each starter for improved diagnostic control and troubleshooting for the plant operator.

A fault finding system is programmed into the PLC to ease equipment troubleshooting and system startups. The Ultraplant® PLC comes with a phone modem for direct on-line communication with Gencor’s Service Center.