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Hot Mix Silos

Equipment Description

Bituma first began making hot mix storage silos in the early 1970’s as Bituma-Stor, formerly Boeing Construction Company, building a reputation for quality products, which has carried forth and expanded as Gencor Industries.  Well recognized in the industry as having the heaviest and most durable construction equipment, Bituma earned its way into the market as being “built like a battleship” with technological innovations in hot mix storage that are still imitated today.

Features such as the dual flow anti-segregation silos, the innovative one and two-piece Self-erect silos, uniquely designed bottom safety gates, long-term storage seals and unconditional warranties unmatched in the industry are what have made Bituma silos the standard by which all others are measured.

Today, Gencor carries on the tradition of building the heaviest and most innovative hot mix storage silos in the industry. With an even greater emphasis on longer storage and fast truck loading, Gencor silos continue to be on the cutting edge of technology.


Hot Mix Silos

Equipment Configurations

Deluxe Silo

Innovative design and quality construction have maintained the reputation of Gencor hot mix storage systems around the world. The continuous-weld silo body provides enormous strength and maximum structural integrity to tolerate heat and vibration. The unique cone support design eliminates the risk of bottoming out. Gencor unique design features, such as the dual-flow batcher and dual safety gates, make Gencor the most dependable and safest silo storage system in the industry.

The safety gate system is independently driven and wired to prevent accidental overloading and provides a second lock against air intrusion while reducing truck and scale clean-up. A totally enclosed cone provides a protective skirt for maximum heat retention.

The massive seismic frame construction is unmatched in the industry; typically 20-30% heavier to withstand vibration and movement.


  • Heavy Duty I-beam support legs
  • ¼” double welded body
  • Dual-flow anti-segregation batcher for even distribution
  • Industrial board insulation eliminates sagging
  • Dual safety gates
  • Oil or floating electric cone heat
  • Material level indicators
  • Thermotite seals (optional)
  • Patented blue smoke system (optional)
  • Portapads (optional)

Premium Silo

The Gencor Premium silo is designed for the Contractor focused on long-term or extended storage while still retaining all the special safety features you’ve come to expect from Gencor. Heavy rugged design, using wide-flange beams and massive leg frames set Gencor silos apart from others by providing many years of dependable life.

All Gencor Premium silos have a steep-sided 60 degree tapered cone that forms a 36 in. discharge opening for smooth material flow. The cone is fully welded and gusseted around the perimeter to prevent bottoming out. The entire cone is enclosed and insulated by means of a sub-floor, comprising the floor section and safety gates.

The Gencor Premium silo is fully insulated against heat loss with 10 inches of industrial-grade insulation in the upper deck section and 6 inches of insulation in the side-walls. The floor section also has 6 inches of insulation and the barrel of the silo is completely covered with a painted l8 gauge galvanized steel skin for years of dependable life.


  • Steep 60° cone
  • Batcher lock and fluid seal
  • Main gate fluid injection gate seal
  • Thermal fluid cone heat
  • Anti-segregation batcher
  • Thick industrial insulation
  • Independently driven safety gates
  • Electronic mix level indicators

SE Silo

Innovative design and quality Construction make Gencor’s Self-Erecting Storage silos the best in the industry. The continuous-weld body provides enormous strength and maximum structural integrity to tolerate heat and vibration. The one-piece portable SE silo, available in 75 and 100 ton capacity, is easy to transport and self-erects in just 10 minutes.  It is also up to 50% heavier than competitive portable units to withstand the rigors of frequent travel.


  • Built-in hydraulic controls
  • Dual-flow batcher
  • Massive outriggers
  • Thick insulation board (two-piece)
  • Continuous weld, sturdy construction
  • Patented self-erect system – requires no crane
  • 3-point load cells for precise weighing
  • Floating electric cone heat

Portable Silo

Innovative design and quality construction make Gencor’s Portable Storage silos the best choice for remote locations that require high capacity storage.

Every Gencor Portable silo is equipped with a mounted fifth-wheel pin and removable portability for easy transport and is constructed to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. The 3-point eight ton weigh batcher eliminates the need for a truck scale and when equipped with the optional portapads, completely eliminates the need for concrete foundations.


  • ¼” double welded body
  • Dual-flow anti-segregation batcher
  • Industrial insulation board
  • Continuous weld, sturdy construction
  • 3-point loadcell
  • 8-ton weigh batcher
  • Floating electric cone heat
  • Mounted Fifth-Wheel
  • Portapads (optional)

Quick Draw® II Silo

The Quick Draw® II: is a unique concept that combines both fast load-out time and reduced segregation in a simple, rugged package. The silo system eliminates the jogging or reversing of trucks while on the scale.

The exclusive Quick Draw® II elliptical gate design which spans the entire width and length of the truck totally eliminates the jogging or reversing of trucks while on the scale, making it the fastest silo load-out in the world. The large steep-sided dispensing cone allows the hot mix asphalt to drop and flow quickly filling uniformly the truck bed with hot mix. The twin opposed clamshell gates open outward and close inward to ensure the cleanest operation without slinging or throwing material, allowing hot mix to drop directly into the truck bed for improved overall load-out efficiency without segregation. The load fills evenly across the entire truck bed in one drop so you can completely load a typical 25-ton truck in under 10 seconds.

In addition, unlike typical silos the QuickDraw® II’s unique rectilinear cone design draws hot mix across the entire bottom of the silo evenly and smoothly, virtually eliminating the hour-glass effect and segregation, creating more usable storage volume and more even flow. The result is improved quality and consistency of the hot mix going to the paver, without the need to re-handle or re­-mix.

Like all Gencor silos, QuickDraw® silos include the best safety features in the industry, with three separate independently driven safety-gates to prevent accidental overloading in the unlikely event that the primary gates fail, and a cross beam support design to eliminate the chance of bottoming-out.

Best of all, the speed, durability, and safety of the Quick Drawn silo system means faster turnaround at your plant, thus less time lost for your trucks and also improved mix quality.


  • Steep 66° cone
  • Elliptical gate opening
  • Larger cone volume
  • Faster loading in under 10 seconds
  • No reversing of trucks
  • Reduced segregation
  • Independently driven safety gate